To tell about us it’s not an easy thing.

Maybe the reason being is that each of us has a story and his own vision of the world . But overall an own way of living their own land.

We did in a particular way.

Beforehand, we have created a communication and promotion agency of the territory (

Then little by little, we discovered how many marvellous stories, our parcel of Sicily, had to tell. We have lived all of them.

We have travelled through the countryside, visited the borders of an unique territory, admired the sunsets, hiked over valleys and rivers, have collected their products, tasted the delicacies and tried bringing them to life in our hands.

We have talked to our grandparents, with the fathers and sons of this land that continues to give birth to simple people, rich in human generosity.

To involve you in this trip, to make you participate of the stories collected, making you feel unique emotions…it is the greatest ambition that we have.

After all, the beautiful things when shared become MARVELLOUS.